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Sacred Energy and Healing

Lisa Starr-Mosby
PO Box 30268  Myrtle Beach, SC 29588

Each and every candle is hand poured and created to instill it's own unique character and vibration. It was inspired and guided  for me to make a devotional candle line that would be specific in it's making. Sacred Candles infuses therapeutic grade essential oils into each custom fragrance blend. They are cleared and cleansed with Palo Santa and Sage, blessed with prayer and surrounded in white light. I use a combination of energy therapies to impart a specific frequency and vibration into the candles. Energy combinations used in conjunction with Aromatherapy are: Usui Reiki, Angel Light and Crystalline Energy.

I was asked to create these candles as a gift to you. Your Angels, Guides and Helpers want to offer a clear and pure channel for your healing and intentions. Every individual candle will have its own vibration.   You will find just what you need in energy, aromatherapy, balance and healing.  It is with great honor and gratitude that I have been guided to gift this service to you!

Many blessings to you and light on your journey.



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